Cashless & Ticketless Parking

Imagine a life without looking around for loose coins. Imagine a life without stretching out for a parking ticket. That is exactly what Mawqif provides & much more all over Kuwait.

Mawqif is a glimpse of the future.

Camera-based Entry

Enter & Exit the parking through cameras

Pay for a friend

Scan your friend’s ticket

Cashless Payments

Pay through your digital wallet

Countless Locations

Available all over Kuwait

System Integration

Fast & easy integration with any system

Where to park

Scout parking lots depending on their available spaces

Find Parking

Get directions to the closest & most available parking lot

Multi ANPR support

Enter in same parking with more than 1 car at a time

Available all over Kuwait

Mawqif is available to use in all of Kuwait’s hotspots:



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Mawqif is completely a day saver when it comes to parking. Pay through Mawqif and get the added bonus of convenience.

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Kuwait has rated Mawqif at 5 stars and gave Mawqif a satisfaction rate of 96%. A fan favorite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Mawqif

01. What is Mawqif?
Mawqif is a parking application specialized in providing parking services including cashless alternatives & guidance features.
02. Does Mawqif charge Fee?
Yes. Mawqif charges a minor fee of 50 Fils on top of the original parking amount.
03. What parking options does Mawqif provides?
Mawqif provides Ticket Validation & ANPR technology that provide users with a cashless parking payment option.
04. What is Scan & Pay?
Scan & Pay allows the user to scan the parking ticket’s barcode through the application and pay their parking cashless through Mawqif’s digital wallet.
05. When should I scan my parking ticket?
You should scan your ticket just before you decide to head to the parking exit with your car.
06. What should I do once I scan & pay the ticket?
Head to the parking exit and give the ticket to the cashier, he will then allow you to exit.
07. What is ANPR Technology?
ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It allows the user entry & exit of the parking structure through the reading of the car’s license plate.
08. How can I use ANPR Technology?
Add your car and provide your license plate information in “My Cars” tab. Once provided, you’ll be able to use ANPR in all compatible parking structures.
08. What guidance feature Mawqif has?
Mawqif showcases parking structure availability as well as location. We can direct you to all the Mawqif parking structures.

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